Library: Numbers

I transformed these images with the help of the following instructions

You can use them in MicroBlocks now. Load the ubp file and see how it looks on your PicoBricks OLED.

The zip file just contains the library I made using the images you see.

The blocks show the demo script to rotate the images.

Have fun.....


  • That's great🤩

  • PeterMathijssen
    edited November 2022

    A little example on how to use this library.

  • ozerngg
    edited November 2022

    Thank you so much @PeterMathijssen. I'll try it. 😊

  • Change the value blocks to

    and you have a way to display the light sensor value with the numbers library.

  • Again, very cool. The use of the list like a database lookup. Again, as with your Potentiometer barwhere are you retreiving the _imghex.



  • I presume one could use the light sensor option to position say a solar panel to maximize solar power output.

    Awesome, no?



  • Turgut
    edited December 2022


    In theory, yes; in practice no. The light sensor used has a very wide reception profile. It might be better to build a feedback loop bw the motors positioning the panels and the power output of the panel electronics to achieve true optimization.

    Nevertheless, a concept design can be built and used with a more focused light source demonstrating the idea.

    Build one and post here to share:

    - you have servos

    - light sensor

    - and the pan/tilt kit that could sim panel mechanics.

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