How to ask a question in the MicroBlocks category

To improve the chance of getting help on the community please follow these recommendations when posting a question:

  • You searched the community for similar topics/issues.
  • You searched the wiki ( for information on your question/issue. 
  • Please, do not open multiple threads on the same topic.
  • Choose a meaningful topic title (not something like this: "I have a problem" or "Please help").
  • Give a precise (detailed) description of
    • the issue/bug,
    • the goal.
  • Show the (relevant) blocks (images, screenshots of blocks in high quality).

For instance: Right-click on the grey part of the block editor and choose to save a picture of all scripts.

If you only want to share some of the blocks, right-click on the blocks you want to share and choose save picture of script.

  • Tell us about the MicroBlocks version running on your computer and the firmware version on your picobricks.

Click on the gear icon and click about... It will show you a dialog like the one below.

  • Tell us about the operating system you are using. For instance Linux Mint 21, macOS Ventura, Windows 11, etc.
  • Take a look on the MicroBlocks website to see if the latest Pilot version already fixes your "problem¨.
  • Attach your ubp-file if that helps explain your issue. Remember, this is not a replacement for adding images.
  • Write in English if possible.
  • Use English blocks (set the language in MicroBlocks - temporarily - to English).

Click on the globe icon and choose English


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