Project Idea: Count Up

With this project, you use a servo to count from 0 to 60 seconds. The arrow on the servo moves 3 degrees every second.

You could use this project to make a game clock or stopwatch. You use the button to stop the clock.

You can let it count down instead of up with a slight modification.

With the block 30+(i/3) it will count up. When using block 30-(i/3) it will count down.

If you change the range block from -90 to 90 to 90 to -90 the arrow will go the other way.

How could you make this nicer? 

Think about :

  • Add a bigger button
  • Add a bigger OLED screen
  • Flash the LED every second
  • Use the RGB LED and change the color every second
  • Draw a nice "clock" face. The servo is a 180-degree servo so you can not go a full circle
  • Make fancier/funnier arrows to use.
  • Use the same button to start and stop the count.

Use your imagination... 


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