Voice controlled robot car

The wiring scheme on page 119 is different from the wiring scheme on page 123.

I tried both of them. At last, I have the motors turning but I had to use the 3 battery pack to give enough power to make it move a little. It looks like one engine is somewhat weaker than the other so it moves in a circle.

Could you provide the aia of the apk. I am a App Inventor user and would like to make a Dutch version. A lot of the time Google doesn't understand the backward command.


  • Actually, it is the same wiring scheme on both pages. The car will run perfectly if you use AAA batteries with a triple battery pack. It is a flex project for application on the phone. You can find the Dutch version on Google Play Store.

  • This is red, black, black, and red.

    This is black, red, black, red.

    In the photo, you use a double battery pack. This could be confusing to users.

  • Sorry for the confusion. We will fix this issue. Thanks

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