Individual trays

After I separated all the boards, I found that the combined tray didn't work very well. I designed separate trays (one for each board) for use on a 3D printer.

I published my models for those trays at:



  • Those look really cool. Great job.

  • @wizzard1313

    Those look amazing .Thanks for your efforts. If you have permission, can we share it on GitHub?

  • You have my permission to share the link to my printable page on GitHub.

  • What issues did you have with the provided combined tray? I haven't popped any modules out yet. Are they difficult to get out/in?

  • There are two reasons I wanted these. After you separate the boards, the connecting wires now make the boards not sit flat in the trays. If you want to build the robot car it suggests that you glue the boards down to the robot. I would print the trays I needed for the boards for that model and glue the trays down to the robot. Then I could pop the boards in and out of the trays when I wanted to use the robot.

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