Project 2.8 My Timer

If I program it using Micro blocks it works with some small glitches. When the time remaining either seconds or minutes changes from a 2 digit number to a 1 digit number, it does not erase all of the micro second display. That can be fixed by adding a few extra spaces at the end of the block that displays the time . Then it will work fine unless you set it for any amount of time greater than 6 minutes. After the timer has run for 6 minutes the time remaining will reset to the original set time and keep running down from there. It will reset every 6 minutes. I haven't figured out a fix for that yet.

If you run the program using Arduino/C++ the time display has display errors in both the minutes and seconds when either one goes from 2 digits to 1. The starting time is inaccurate because it uses millis which is the amount of time since the program started running, so will be off b amount of time it took ou to set the time and push the button. It also has a time resetting problem and will not correctly see the end of time so starts showing a negative time.


  • @wizzard1313

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The spacing problem for the display digits has been addressed.

    As to resetting at 6min intervals: that was a missing 0 at the mod calculation for minutes, 360000 instead of 3600000.

    It has been fixed as well.

    A new version with the changes should be posted very soon.

  • That did fix the Micro Blocks version. there are still artifacts in the countdown when minutes and/or seconds go from 2 digits to 1.

    In the Arduino version the time still resets. I changed the 360000 in the code to 3600000 and that fixed that problem. The starting time is still not correct by amount of time it takes to decide on hood a timer you want. It also is not properly seeing the end f the timer so you get a negative minutes that goes up while seconds and microseconds decrease.

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