How to connect the card reader?

Hi! We are trying to connect the card reader to the board but can’t figure out how to wire it up. Do you have any detailed instructions? My 6 year son and I are beginners



  • ozerngg
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    Hello @dyl_chi

    What kind of module are you trying to connect?


  • Do you mean the key fob reader? That is an advanced system, that requires a steep learning curve. You have to make pin connections directly to the board through the jacks on the black connector on each side of the pico board. There is no library to use in the MicroBlocks environment, you have to code directly in Arduino or similar.

  • There is a microblock library for the card reader

    press the + at Libraries, under []Sensing there is a RDFI RC522 library you can add.

    And in the project book you can find the wiring description project 2.20 Confirming door.

    (the picture and the wiring table has different wiring, i guess the table is the correct wiring)

    But the micropython library is missing even if the example uses one

  • Hello @Bragir,

    Here is the link of the Confirming Door project;

    When you click on the link, the libraries are also opened.

    Have a nice day. 😊

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