Bookworm and virtual environments ?

Hopefully a quick question

I am developing a STEM class focusing on the virtual environments as deployed in Bookworm.

I was struck, I should be able to target a Pico and, in turn, your whole landscape.

I’m wondering if I had something running in the virtual environment and deployable to a Pico as a service.

·       Can I interact with your environment?

·       Can I run something like a full version of Python inside the environment or would I be limited to the reduced instruction set?

In my reading it looks possible

The basic concept is that I would add devices (i2c) running within a given environment and deployed as a service. In my environment I then stream the data to a db.

Can I function in your environment where I would basically be an enhancement of your access to i2c .

Can my objects (virtual environments) be enveloped into your Microbricks?

BTW is there a plug I can tap the I2c connectors directly? (I realize it can be accessed via the breadboard.)

Anyway, I bought one for my grandson, I’m hoping to show him some of what I am doing, so I’ll be playing with it. 

Anybody want to offer an opinion, suggest some libraries etc.

I'm all ears.


  • Hi Jepp,

    I'm so pleased that you're interested in PicoBricks and that you like it. We're contacting you via email. Perhaps we can discuss things further through your work. :)

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