Can PicoBricks work with a home assistant?

Can PicoBricks work with a home assistant?


  • I am starting to experiment with homeassistant. Almost everything of homeassistant is related with network connectivity, and mostly wifi. So, in order to raspberry pico to work with homeassistant, you will need a pico with wifi capabilities or a pico and a wifi device attached to it. In any case have a look at this web post.

  • PicoBricks kit includes an ESP01 Serial WIFI component, which works with the AT-command set over the Serial interface.

    Depending on your programming competence and language you are using, you might find that working with the ESP01 versus Pico-W model is more appropriate.

    For those working with MicroBlocks, project#25 demonstrates the use of ESP01 exchanging information with an Android APP. One can use this as base code to modify, to interface to the homeassistant via WIFI. Please make sure that you download the latest version of the project code, dated OCT.31 or later, to benefit from the improved AT-command implementation.

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