Put text on the OLED with the potentiometer and button

Use the potentiometer and button to put characters on the OLED.


  • Turgut
    edited March 5

    Hi Peter,

    Great fun project.

    I could not resist fiddling with it to produce a slightly different version, keeping the spirit the same. Secret sauce is that OLED character matrix is 8x8.

    Should be able to drag and drop it onto MB IDE.


  • PeterMathijssen
    edited March 5

    Great example @Turgut. My first version was using the string from unicode block

    I used the rescale block to rescale the potentiometer to 65 - 90 representing the characters from A-Z. But I wanted to add a space so made the example as in my first post. I could have used 64-90 and replace every choice for 64 with a space or 32.

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