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Hi R&D-team,

As you can see the community is growing and more questions are coming which is great. You made a wonderful product.

Personally, I don't like the Vanilla community. I have trouble getting used to it, seeing new topics, and discussions, change categories. I am very used to Discourse 😁

As you support 3 platforms in your activities you should reflect that also on the community.

So I see a number of questions in the wrong categories because there was no other option. Is Vanilla also able to transfer individual or multiple posts to other topics?

I understand why R&D made this community but now that PicoBricks is spreading it will become a full-fledged community with different demands.

Like I said personally I would like to see a Discourse community? Discourse is easy to moderate, certainly for a growing community. I have experience on several Discourse communities as a moderator so would volunteer to help you mod it.

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