Backer 908, Checking in! + unboxing feedback

howdy! Backer 908 from Texas here.

There are some real first impression issues with the setup:

  1. The shipping. My box was DEMOLISHED to the point of holes with bags of equipment sticking out.
  2. NO PACKING SLIP? I had to dig through kickstarter and hope I got everything I paid for.
  3. Temp and Humidity don't work on the SHIPPING DEMO. I see it's an issue with microblocks from the forums, but how do you ship an example that doesn't work? Did no one even power it on to check on at least a single board? what about the person who wrote the example? Testing is the difference between a good first impression and a box going to the garbage with kids.
  4. The eBook doesn't work on mobile. It never loads. It looks like a paid service, but a request for a fix would need to come from Robotistan.


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