MicroBlocks and HuskyLens - Enjoy the beauty of AI Machine Vision with Blocks

There is hardly any article in the press that does not tout the wonders of the Artificial Intelligence and the wonderful things one can do with it. A popular application of the technology is using cameras assisted by AI Vision algorithms to recognize objects, colors, faces, lines etc. However, when one decides to play around with it, the actual use ends up being a bit cumbersome for beginners, involving rather complex libraries, development environments, and unintuitive coding.

But with MicroBlocks, you can also take part in the exploration without worrying about these barriers. We have developed a Library for the popular HuskyLens unit by DFRobot. Of course, you have to first buy the camera, but after that you will be enjoying the wonderful world of AI Vision and start creating your own projects.

First check out the writeup on our WIKI. The Library is developed 100% with MicroBlocks using the blocks to code each and every functionality; the same as the OLED Display Library. It is a testament to the power of the language and complicated projects you can develop with it.

You will find examples for every block in the library. Just connect your camera to a microcontroller with I2C support available to you (eg: Pico2040, micro:bit v2, etc.) and then drag and drop the various blocks to test the features. Once you get familiar with the working concepts, you are on your way to creating your own projects.

DFRobot Info page can be reached here.

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